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sweetpotato casserole with pine nuts

Whether family celebration or cosy dinner - this casserole always cuts a good figure!


sweetpotato waffles with pumpkin curd

Perfect, hearty alternative to the sweet relatives - with a very special touch!


Discover the sweetpotato

If a sweetpotato could introduce itself, it would tell you its real name: Ipomoea batatas. After all, it’s not a potato at all. sweetpotatoes are only distant relatives of the potato family, which are night-shade plants (Solanaceae). Instead, they are members of the morning-glory family (Convolvulaceae) and have been on North American tables since long before the first pilgrims came from England: they were an indispensable part of native American diets. The sweetpotato has its real roots in Central America. From there, the story of their sweet success has spanned the history of the US like a bright orange through line. They helped European settlers survive the early years of famine, and they later secured their status as an American classic both during the War of Independence and the course of the Civil War.

North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

Where is North Carolina?

The Tar Heel State, as the state of North Carolina is officially known, is located on the southeastern coast of the US and borders on South Carolina and Georgia to the south and Virginia to the north. The Atlantic Ocean lies to the east, and Tennessee and the Great Smoky Mountains run along the west. With average daily temperatures of 32°C / 90°F in July and 10°C / 50°F in January, most of the state has a warm moderate climate.