Main courses – North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

Main courses

Sweetpotato BBQ Apple Burger

Sweetpotato hashbrown casserole

Crispy sweetpotato tacos with avocado cream

Sweetpotato Swoodles

Vegan Sweetpotato Peanut Curry

Smashed Sweetpoatoes

Shredded sweetpotato pancakes

sweetpotato pakoras

sweetpotato risotto

Sweet Potato Toasts

sweetpotato spinach lasagne

sweetpotato stew

sweetpotato patties

sweetpotato wedges with homemade ketchup

sweetpotato balls with apple sauce dip

sweetpotato mini pizzas “Margherita” or “Hawaii”

sweetpotato fritters with salad

sweetpotato Ragout

sweetpotato wedges with Tomato Parsley Salad

sweetpotato couscous with pomegranate seeds and almonds

Baked sweetpotatoes Olive-Hummus

Baked sweetpotatoes Tomato-mango-salsa

Baked sweetpotatoes Zucchini-tzatziki with sesame chicken

Baked sweetpotatoes Guacamole with shrimps

Ceviche with sweetpotatoes

Baked sweetpotatoes with ginger butter

sweetpotato gnocchi with sage butter and parmesan

sweetpotato burger with cranberry-ketchup

sweetpotato buddha bowl with chicken breast

Grilled sweetpotato salad with beef steaks

sweetpotato stir-fry with chicken breast filets

sweetpotato and carrot puree with walnuts

sweetpotato puree with thyme

sweetpotato puree with honey

sweetpotato foil packet with halloumi cheese

sweetpotato gnocchi

sweetpotato casserole with pine nuts

sweetpotato tart with tapenade

Neck of pork in spiced plum stock with sweetpotatoes

Baked sweetpotato with tomato salsa

Festive sweetpotato au gratin

sweetpotato wrap