sweetpotato and carrot puree with walnuts – North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

sweetpotato and carrot puree with walnuts

4 servings

Ingredients for 4 people:
700 g sweetpotatoes from North Carolina
300 g carrots
60 g walnuts
150 ml sherry vinegar
9 tbsp honey
50 ml vegetable broth (instant)
75 ml milk
25 g butter

1. Peel carrots and sweetpotatoes, wash and chop them coarsely. Boil them in salted water for 15-20 minutes until soft.

2. Meanwhile chop walnuts coarsely and roast them in a pan without fat. Cook 6 tablespoons of honey and vinegar for 5-10 minutes until thick. Add walnuts and set aside.

3. Heat vegetable stock, milk and butter. Drain carrots and potatoes. Mash finely with a potato masher, adding the milk mixture. Pour the sweet and sour walnuts over the mashed potatoes and carrots.

Preparation time: ca. 35 Minuten.

Nutrition facts per portion:
447 kcal / 1870 kJ
16,4 g
65,4 g
6,69 g