Snacks & Fingerfood – North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

Snacks & Fingerfood

Sweetpotato coconut ginger energy balls

Sweetpotato blueberry baked oatmeal

Sweetpotato BBQ Apple Burger

Sweetpotato energy cookies

Crispy sweetpotato tacos with avocado cream

Smashed Sweetpoatoes

Sweetpotato hummus

sweetpotato quesadillas with cheddar

sweetpotato wrap

sweetpotato tortilla

sweetpotato fries

sweetpotato skewers

sweetpotato chips with guacamole – An unbeatable snack: they get crunchy when thinly sliced.

sweetpotato ham toast

Rosemary skewers with sweetpotato and pineapple

Fig sweetpotato towers with brie